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How much do Melburnians really know about coffee…?

Photo of coffee products and manager

The artsy city of Melbourne is well known for its coffee culture. Now local roaster Veneziano Coffee Roasters has released a survey showing just how much Melburnians love coffee – apparently 68 per cent of them know it fairly well!

The city’s residents are well-versed with the origin of coffee, with an overwhelming 80 per cent knowing that the world’s biggest producer of coffee is Brazil.

The survey was released to coincide with International Coffee Day, which is today, October 1.

Melburnians know that an espresso is concentrated coffee using a pressurised extraction through a machine. Veneziano Coffee Roasters found out that 59 per cent are familiar with cold brew which takes longer to brew compared to hot coffee.

And 82 per cent know baristas tamp coffee so it has an even surface and 52 per cent uses an espresso machine to create the strongest coffee concentration. The coffee roaster also found out that 61 per cent of Aussies can whip up a cup of coffee with the right recommended dose, yield and brewing time.

“Melbourne has long been associated as the home of some of the world’s most devoted coffee drinkers, with our love affair recognised far and wide as a multitude of Australian-style cafes and coffee shops pop up all over the world,” said Craig Dickson, MD of Veneziano Coffee Roasters.

“Melbourne’s cafe culture has grown exponentially in the past few years and I think this has deepened our appreciation for coffee. Our reputation nationally, and even globally, is certainly something that many of us are very proud of and certainly very competitive about.”

Despite all their knowledge on coffee, 10 per cent of Melburnians stated that a 16oz filter coffee is the most caffeinated serving style; but an overwhelming majority (75 per cent) incorrectly guessed Doppio espresso is the strongest form of caffeine. Moreover, ardent coffee lovers (44 per cent) are millennials, while almost half consume 10 or more cups a week.

“I dare say Melbourne could also be in the running as Australia’s most caffeinated city! We saw a resounding 67 per cent of people state coffee strength as the key driver when it comes to selecting a specific brand or blend – clearly, many are looking for that high octane kick to get us through the day,” said Dickson.

Unsurprisingly to Veneziano, just 26 per cent said their daily coffee was from a cafe, with almost 74 per cent preferring to make their coffee at home – 49 per cent of respondents opt to use an espresso machine as their chosen method.

Veneziano Coffee Roasters collaborated recently with the renowned chef Gary Mehigan with the specialty coffee range, Gary Mehigan Specialty Coffee. It offers three unique blends ‘The Dawn’, ‘The Everyday’ and ‘The Weekend’ for coffee lovers.

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