The ‘Champagne Dame’ launches Fizztopia, a digital world of bubbly beverages

Australians now can access their favourite bubblies online via Fizztopia, a digital world of fizz founded by the ‘Champagne Dame’ Kyla Kirkpatrick. 

Fizztopia offers a selection of bubbly beverages ranging from craft beers, ciders, seltzers, sparkling wines through to non-alcoholic alternatives. The range includes Adam’s Evening Hifi Cider, Tallboy & Moose Beer Un Poco Loco IPA and Terrazze dell’Etna Rosato Brut.

The idea for the business started during the Covid-19 lockdown in Australia. 

“The quiet that came from Covid-19 provided the perfect opportunity to diversify and launch Fizztopia, using the skills of our team, to keep everyone employed and motivated and to give us a reason to keep going at full steam during seven months of arduous lock down,” said Kyla Kirkpatrick, founder. 

All the store’s products are stored in its climate-controlled warehouse and delivered in a gift box. Delivery service is available Australia-wide. 

“We may be an online site but we’re still all about the human touch,” Kyla added. 

Kilpatrick previously also founded online Champagne retailer Emperor Champagne.


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