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Sanitarium adds dairy-free options to Up&Go range

Up&Go dairy-free packs
Up&Go’s new dairy-free options.

Cereal giant Sanitarium has launched a dairy-free version of its Up&Go breakfast substitute drink, in response to consumer demand. 

Reporting “a huge number of requests” for a dairy-free option, it responded with two flavours – Choc Ice and Vanilla Ice – which are now available at major supermarkets. 

The company conducted research which found consumers who avoid dairy would give up coffee or their favourite Netflix show for a dairy fix. They were also concerned that the broader community don’t believe them when they reveal their preference to avoid dairy products.   

“While it’s known that more and more Aussies are turning to dairy-free lifestyles either out of necessity or out of choice, our research brought to life some hard-hitting realities of what it means to be someone who follows a dairy-free lifestyle today,” said Jaemes Tipple, senior brand manager at Sanitarium. “With our new Up&Go Dairy-Free, they don’t need to compromise.” 

Sanitarium senior dietitian Trish Guy says the company’s team of dietitians worked hard to create a nutritious, on-the-go solution for people avoiding dairy products. 

“Up&Go Dairy Free has retained all the nutritional benefits in the original Up&Go and is packed with nutrients, including protein, fibre, 10 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin B12, which are important for people following a dairy-free or plant-based diet.

“This makes it a great low GI option for busy mornings and active lifestyles. Plus, it’s also gluten free,” she said. 


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