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Send your chips and wedges into the stratosphere with Shaky Addiction

With a good hit of Shaky Addiction, you’ll be hooked and your hot chips will be cheering.

Their story started with the realisation that Australia’s quiet love affair with Chicken Salt was nothing too exciting anymore. It had become a staple having pretty much stayed the same ol’, same ol’ for years. 

Faced with the ever-evolving landscape of consumer expectations which relentlessly challenges retailers to stay nimble, be on-trend, create differentiation and drive revenue growth, the Shaky team decided it was about time to change things up in the seasonings category. 

To make salts and seasonings more exciting, they’ve created a new range of six flavours that will take your addictive affection for flavoured salts into the stratosphere. 

Even better, the range isn’t just for use on hot chips, you can use it on pretty much any fried foods, roasts, vegetables and as a seasoning on raw meats.

Six next-level retail flavours are now available: Salt & Vinegar, Pepper Steak, Cheese & Onion, Smoky BBQ, Spicy Chilli and even Roast Chicken & Gravy. How cool is that? Shaky Addiction is fast becoming the most sort after flavoured seasonings for retail stores across Australia, so get ready.

Shaky Addiction ticks all the boxes for convenience, deliciousness and more in their own unique way. 

Shaky is naturally delicious with no nasties

The Shaky Addiction range is not only yummy but it’s naturally delicious too. 

They do not use any artificial flavours to create these awesomely tasteful seasonings. They are MSG-free, gluten-free, palm-oil-free, and mostly vegan, except for the Cheese & Onion flavour. Yes, even the Roast Chicken & Gravy and Pepper Steak flavours are fully vegan. Surprising, right? They are flavoured using vegetable proteins, yeast extracts and a little bit of chef genius.

These flavours also contain much less salt than your usual flavoured salts. The percentage of salt across the six flavours of seasonings ranges between 32 and 39 per cent, which is almost half of what a standard Chicken Salt would normally have.

Shaky Addiction’s new-age hybrid ‘supply and support’ model is at the forefront of a mindset change in the market 

The team behind Shaky Addiction is Food Equity Group, with its CEO Graeme McCormack saying: “Our business is set up to continually innovate, launch and support new and exciting retail brands and products going forward.” 

Plain old chicken salt doesn’t have all those tricks… 

Shaky Addiction is your new-age convenient seasoning which anyone can use anywhere, anytime, and on pretty much anything. Whether it be on your hot chips down at the beach, on your roast veggies at home, or on your raw fillet steak just before you whack it on the barbie. 

For more information on Shaky Addiction: 

So smart. So simple. So delicious.