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How marketers are quickly becoming the new developers

(Source: Wix)

Timing is everything and speed to market requires a level of finesse in order to maintain a healthy balance of workload, brand consistency, creativity and nuance. 

So how do brands manage this? 

Easy. Marketers are being empowered to make website changes. They can maintain brand consistency whilst launching on schedule without the need for development time or resourcing. Yes, you read that right. But it’s not what you think.

More so than not, Marketers are reliant on developers for content updates which can lead to a bottleneck. The inability to take action means marketers accept the lead times and carry on juggling their daily tasks. Producing leads, optimisation, conversion, content creation, production, campaign management, project management, storytelling… the list goes on. 

So, what is the cost of being slower to market and what if it doesn’t have to be this way? Afterall, it’s not just development time that’s costing your business. 

No-code, low-code website builders are pioneering solutions for larger businesses to shift the way they operate and they are doing this by reducing unnecessary development time by enabling marketers to go to market faster.  Using sophisticated technology with drag-and-drop interfaces, reusable content blocks, shareable asset libraries, and collaboration and translation tools, marketers can streamline the process and help reduce development costs. So by leveraging infrastructure built to simplify and manage what once was a more convoluted task, marketers can maintain brand consistency and launch on schedule. 

Let’s not get confused, however: developers are our friends, not foes. They help marketers achieve this responsibility by producing the desired templates customised for businesses. Hand in hand – or keyboard to keyboard in this instance – the combination of technology and the skill of web developers help to enable marketers’ new responsibility. Developers aren’t disenfranchising their reliance but rather cultivating seamlessness in the process so they can focus on the more specialised tasks. Having the right tools and resources in place is one thing but assignment to complete the tasks is another. 

So, what should you look for when it comes to such technologies? 

Outside of the assumed high performance and international security standards, what should brands expect from this type of cooperation between web development technology, marketers and developers? 

Real-time collaboration tools for one. The ability to assign different levels of access is a game-changer in ensuring due diligence. Another is account and site-level analytics and reporting. This is something we know marketers obsess with and with a few clicks they can oversee reporting at an enterprise and brand level. Rapid application development. Save on resources with no-code editing, drag-and-drop interface and pre-built custom templates. 

The list goes on with everything you want and need however, the most important thing is to align yourself with an SaaS company that has a continued history of product evolution. Why?

Because this can almost guarantee that if something in your laundry list is missing, requesting it on the roadmap may just turn it into a reality. 

Now, imagine a world where launching a new site or updating content for a large enterprise business is as easy as drag and drop. Find out more about Wix Enterprise