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Training back on the agenda to engage talent and fast-track performance

(Source: Bigstock)

In the wake of Covid-19, the Australian FMCG industry is facing a talent landscape that is both dynamic and challenging. Job mobility has reached a decade high, with one in 10 Australians changing jobs within the past 12 months, and manufacturing and retail trade are outpacing the national average (AI Group, July 2023).

Businesses are grappling with the dual challenge of offering enticing opportunities for career growth while also adapting to shifting retail and commercial dynamics. 

As shoppers adjust their behaviour in response to the cost of living and suppliers navigate supply chain disruptions and cost pressures, commercial capability has never been more critical. Businesses must find ways to fast-track their commercial performance, retain top talent and attract new expertise. 

Navigating the new normal

The retail landscape has been fundamentally reshaped by the Covid-19 pandemic. Consumer behaviours, needs and spending patterns have been redefined, necessitating a fresh approach to satisfying shopper needs and preferences. Concurrently, retailers are looking to their suppliers to help them navigate this new world. Capable teams who can work collaboratively on innovative, initiatives that create joint value, manage mounting cost pressures, and navigate operational issues will win.

While a planned approach to training and developing commercial skills may have taken a backseat to on-the-job problem solving during the pandemic, it is now firmly reinstated as a priority to bolster commercial performance, attract, engage, and retain key talent. Equipping employees with the right tools and knowledge enables businesses to better respond to market fluctuations and better meet the demands of a rapidly evolving landscape.

Harnessing the power of training

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are thriving in the current market and many offer unique and challenging opportunities for young talent to get broad and rich experience on the job. While talent at many SME’s enjoy freedom and agility, they don’t always receive the learning and coaching opportunities afforded to their peers working in larger organisations. 

Many leaders within SMEs are actively seeking avenues to propel their talent and benefit from their elevated performance. Many SMEs are now recognising the potential of benchmarking their capabilities against industry best practice to accelerate their growth trajectory. This is where industry-leading commercial training plays a pivotal role.

Meanwhile, larger multinational corporations, who often have access to proprietary global training programs, are realising there is an opportunity to supplement their curriculum to better equip team members with the skills needed to succeed in the unique Australian retail landscape. These businesses are increasingly seeking local programs that develop specific capabilities, namely customer centricity, joint business planning and e-commerce strategy that reflect the needs and current state of development in today’s market. 

Introducing the Australian Grocery Academy (AGA)

In response to these challenges, the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) has partnered with Real World Marketing, experts in helping suppliers create mutual value with retailers, to deliver the Australian Grocery Academy (AGA).

Designed specifically for the Australian market, the academy addresses local commercial capability needs with best practices from Real World Marketing, feedback from industry-leading commercial directors and insights from The Advantage Group, the experts in supplier and retailer engagement.

Comprising six modular building blocks centred around the principle of joint value creation, the AGA program equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the ever-evolving Australian FMCG landscape. Each module addresses a key topic; customer centricity through, strategic category and revenue management to e-commerce for FMCG and joint business planning. Each can be undertaken as a standalone development opportunity, or individuals may complete the full set of modules and benefit from additional one on one coaching with a mentor, fostering a well-rounded skillset that addresses the industry’s fluid demands.

Seize the opportunity

For businesses looking to unlock their potential and elevate their key talent to new heights, the Australian Grocery Academy is hosting a Learning and Networking Bootcamp in Sydney this October. The Bootcamp promises to be an invaluable opportunity to learn from industry experts, network with peers, and gain insights that can reshape your business’s trajectory.

Australia’s FMCG businesses stand at a crossroads, where talent retention and performance enhancement are paramount. As the industry navigates the post-Covid landscape, the value of practical commercial capability cannot be overstated. The Australian Grocery Academy is designed to fast-track capability, develop, and retain expertise, and position businesses at the forefront of joint value creation.

Don’t miss out on this transformative chance to shape your business’s future. Discover more and secure your spot today by visiting the AGA website.