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Biggest threat to Australian beef producers

Crippling rural debt looms as biggest threat to our beef producers.

Government needs to get balance right in regulating agriculture

Latest draft report on the regulation of agriculture highlights the need to get the balance right.

Is unit pricing a hit with shoppers?

Consumer advocacy groups lobby retailers to display unit prices on pre-packaged grocery products.

New food labels should go further than country of origin

New food label rule is only a start for the industry.

Woolworths and Coles should heed simplicity lesson from Aldi

What supermarkets can learn from Aldi.

Higher supermarket prices for milk won’t necessarily help farmers

The suggested solution of raising the retail price of milk to pass on more profit to farmers is misguided.

Time to get regulation back into Australian dairy?

Perhaps it’s time the Australian dairy industry looked to other countries for models to fix the system.

Woolworths private label strategy will play directly into the hands of Aldi

The move is an attempt to meet changing shopper demands and combat the growth of Aldi.

Retail outlook: Wesfarmers, Woolworths feel the pressure of new challengers

Woolworths and Coles will need new strategies to compete with the likes of Aldi.

Done like a chicken dinner

City fringes are locked in battles over broiler farms.