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FSANZ told to revise pregnancy warning labels

Food Forum Ministers haave rejected FSANZ recommendations for new mandatory pregnancy warning labels on alcohol products.

What’s in a name? Why brands are veering away from the ‘vegan’ label

Whether plant-based or vegan, this is one area that continues to grow as consumers increasingly seek alternatives to animal products.

Get smart about showcasing your brand online

Partner content: A new generation of shoppers are demanding an online shopping experience that mirrors the in-store offer.

Social sells: the top platforms to get onboard with

Why WeChat, TikTok and Twitch are worth considering to help attract and engage your audience.

Cancer Council study calls for junk food ad ban on public transport

Authors call for ban on junk food advertising on state-owned property such as trains and buses over concerns that they contribute to childhood obesity.

The queens of clean

When it comes to grime and clutter, these online sensations are showing that authenticity is the key to gaining followers and building a business.

Is rebranding a good idea?

OPINION: ‘Most rebrands are designed to satisfy an internal ego or demand from a CEO, CMO, or creative director’.

Burnt is out, ‘skinscreen’ is in. How sunscreen got a beauty makeover

When did the cultural perception of sunscreen as a health imperative shift towards a lifestyle “must have”?

Mount Franklin calls in bin chickens to promote recycled plastic message

A new label design has been created for Mount Franklin’s 600ml water bottle as part of the campaign to encourage recycling.

Unilever to stop marketing food and beverages to children

Ice cream brand Wall’s will be the first to shift advertising speak to parents and caregivers.