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New online directory lets you search which stores are still trading

Free website tracks whether stores are open based on recent payment data.

Saputo scraps Coon cheese brand name over implied racial slur

Saputo Dairy Australia says it will rename its controversial Coon cheese brand after battling accusations of racial insensitivity for the past few weeks.

Lifestyle launches sexual health awareness campaign – with a twist

Australian contraceptive retailer Lifestyles has launched a new marketing campaign to promote public awareness of sexual health.

Heinz home-delivered food kits launched in DTC foray

FMCG giant Heinz has unveiled a home-delivery service in Australia, targeting families impacted by Covid-19-related lockdowns.

McDonald’s makes swimwear from plastic straws

McDonald’s Austria has introduced a swimwear range made from plastic straws – and McDoanld’s in India collaborated on a ‘saucy’ range of shoes with Adidas.

Creativity and authenticity: What makes ads work on TikTok

Brands that understand the audience on TikTok have the opportunity to further connect and build brand value with a new demographic.

P&G takes on Colgate in Federal Court over Optic White claims

P&G has filed a Federal Court lawsuit accusing rival Colgate of misleading consumers in the marketing of a whitening toothpaste.

Woolworths forks out over $1 million for spam law breach

Record fine handed down by the ACMA relates to more than five million breaches of the Spam Act.

TikTok launches global business toolkit to help brands get creative

The aptly named TikTok For Business allows brands to create content that will resonate with TikTok’s audience.

Nestlé to rename Australian lollies ‘out of step’ with values

Nestlé follows Colgate and Johnson & Johnson in reassessing brands following consumer pressure.