Key Opinion from FMCG Professionals - Inside FMCG

National brands still pull shoppers into store

National brands will remain important to retailers, so long as they remain relevant to shoppers, writes Kevin Moore.

To pop up or not?

Brian Walker on why and when pop up stores work and when they don’t.

Defining the ‘perfect store’

In part one of her series for Inside FMCG, Kerrie-Anne Turner looks at the factors to consider when defining the perfect store for your consumer goods business.

Is Alphabet the best bet?

Mark Cameron looks at what Google’s new parent company, Alphabet, means for the brand.

Convenience stores vs small format supermarkets

Norrelle Goldring compares small format supermarkets to convenience stores and asks, what’s the difference?

The best of GlobalShop 2015

Laura Williams recounts her wild ride at GlobalShop 2015 in Las Vegas.

The customer centric evolution

Customer centricity provides a competitive edge in a cluttered and challenging market, says David Chinn.

DJs eyes top end gap in grocery

A re-energised David Jones food offer to be another headache for Coles and Woolworths, writes Gary Mortimer.

The new shopper imperative

Kingston Lee-Young offers some critical considerations for planning your next marketing strategy.

Coles and Woolworths weigh up strategies

Stuart Bennie proposes a new strategy for Coles and Woolworths amid talk of a new international grocery player.