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Death throes for discounting

With the imminent arrival of Kaufland, Australian supermarkets are feeling the pull towards consistent pricing and everyday better value to stay competitive.

Poll: Too early for Christmas goods?

Are consumers ready for festive products in supermarkets?

The rise, fall and rise again of businesses serving more than just their shareholders

The history of what – and who – businesses serve reveals that this is an age-old debate, which has raged since the dawn of modern day capitalism.

Poll: Is it OK to call plant-based food items “meat”?

New Zealand pizza chain warned that its advertising of a “burger pizza” was likely to mislead consumers.

Poll: Is there a market for better-for-you booze?

Alcoholic kombucha is being rolled out in liqour stores across Australia.

Five questions about superannuation the government’s new inquiry needs to ask

Compulsory superannuation is the compulsory locking away of income that could otherwise be spent or used to pay down debt or saved through another vehicle.

Poll: Do you agree with a NZ trademark on manuka honey in China?

Is it fair to cut Australia out of the manuka honey market in China?

Three ways to improve your leadership skills by watching Friends

What can real people, especially in management and leadership roles, learn from fictional characters about crafting an authentic persona?

Poll: Is your business taking part in the climate strike?

Ben & Jerry’s will close 35 shops across Australasia for the duration of the strike.

The journey from chaos to excellence in supply chain

A world-class operational model can be achieved to take your manufacturing business from chaos to excellence – and cost savings will be part of the winning formula.