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Eye catching displays

Zee Ayad on his latest project that uses an innovative way to attract the eye of a passerby.

Evocatif beefs up

Shopper marketing agency appoints new head of planning.

Blogging for beer

New Peroni blog designed to enhance brand name to consumer.

Six strange shopper behaviours

These days shopper behaviour can range from the weird to the wonderful.

Shopper marketing: Where to now?

Popai and GfK outline where the Australian shopper marketing industry is heading, and what needs to be done to optimise it.

Shopper marketing: What’s happening in digital?

Popai and GfK review the usage of digital tools in shopper marketing.

Shopper marketing: What’s being activated in market?

Popai and GfK review the shopper marketing activations making it to market.

Popai pursues merger

Popai board agree to merger talks with trade association.

Aussie marketers win at global awards

Four Australian shopper marketing campaigns awarded top honours.

Shopper marketing: The agency overview

Popai and GfK review the status of agencies and POP suppliers in the shopper marketing space.