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Blackmores appoints new CEO

New boss to replace Australia Post-bound Christine Holgate.

Blackmores’ boss steps down

Christine Holgate joins Australia Post as CEO.

Multi-million dollar Aus-China pharmacy deal

28 major pharmacy chains sign agreement.

Australia’s top vitamin brands

Four out of five of Australia’s most popular vitamins are home-grown.

It’s all about feelings

As shoppers use technology to share inspiration and aspiration, the challenge has been set for FMCG marketing.

Sharing generates caring

Co-created brand experiences are the new black – or red.

From shopper marketing to shopper experience

A fundamental change to retail marketing brings both challenges and rewards.

Dairy, food stocks fall on China e-commerce tax

Shares have fallen sharply amid China’s new tax policy on cross-border e-commerce.

Blackmores opens first flagship

Vitamin brand brings wellness centre to Westfield.

Blackmores, Bega to make baby formula range

Blackmores and Bega partner to produce range of nutritional foods.