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Christmas versus kilojoules

Focusing on how to eat well over the holidays.

In 100 years’ time, maybe our food won’t be grown in soil

How we manage food and our environments needs very long-term, inspired thinking.

Aussies pessimistic about the future of food

Over half of Aussies predict food prices to get worse and 31% plan to cook more in the future.

Country of Origin labelling passes Parliament

Green Party bill to allow Kiwis a better understanding where their food comes from.

AFGC reports industry drifting into a “low investment trap”

Uncertainty about ROI is seeing investment decisions deferred or dumped.

Blockchain systems are tracking food safety and origins

Global food fraud is a multi-billion dollar problem that isn’t going away.

Blurred lines as plant-based burgers come to the meat section

The Beyond Burger “bleeds” when cooked and is best served medium-rare.

Cross-generational influencers shaping the future of food

“Gen Food” are so called because food defines them and is an important part of their values and belief.

Western Sydney emerges as food and grocery powerhouse

AFGC’s latest research shows the area generates A$17 billion per year.

Does eating organic cut your cancer risk?

New research examines whether it’s worth paying more for pesticide-free food.