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Boost productivity by opening the line of communication with your frontline

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Imagine this… A member of your frontline walks into the company lunchroom and as they reach into the fridge for their lunch, they notice a memo on the bulletin board printed with a large font so that they don’t miss it: 


Except that they did miss it … when it was relevant. The message is dated over a month ago. 

If this scenario is familiar to you, it’s time to revolutionise the way your organisation communicates with your frontline. 

As we know, a high percentage of frontline workers are considered deskless – they work on their feet and often don’t use a computer or company email address in their day-to-day activities. 

So, it only makes sense that organisations deploy a communication strategy that caters to deskless workers. 

Enter WorkJam, the leader in the digital frontline workplace. WorkJam takes multiple aspects of your frontline’s workday activities and seamlessly integrates them into one app that your workforce uses on their personal devices. No computer or company email is required, and all in the name of increased compliances, efficiencies, and productivity. 

One of those activities is communication, which plays an integral role in not only ensuring that everyone “gets the memo” but also in standardising corporate processes. 

Imagine a world where you can quickly send out a message to your entire organisation. 

Or when required, segment your communication to a targeted few. Perhaps you want to convey a message to a team from one location or to frontline workers with a specific skill. And with a collaborative communication solution such as WorkJam, your frontline workers can easily ask questions or respond with feedback. 

Another aspect of the right communication app is surveys and polls. One of the best ways to keep your frontline happy and engaged is by listening. How can you know what’s important to your frontline workers? How do you understand what their goals are? By asking questions. With polls and surveys, you can easily ask a question that your workforce can just-as-easily respond to with a quick press of a button on their personal device. 

The goal of having a collaborative communication app is to ensure that your frontline is always in the loop and feels valued and heard. This leads to a happy and engaged workforce, which in turn creates a dynamic and productive working environment for all! 

About WorkJam: WorkJam was founded in 2014 to improve the lives of frontline workers. As the world’s leading digital frontline workplace, WorkJam combines communication, task management, scheduling tools, learning, and more – all on one app. It is the only complete and unified system designed to revolutionise the way HQs and their frontline work together, boosting efficiencies and productivity. Available in more than 45 languages with inline translations, the app helps organisations bridge language barriers and create a more inclusive working environment for all. WorkJam introduces Total Workforce Orchestration. To learn more, visit  

Author: Steven Kramer.