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About us

Inside FMCG is Australia’s leading website and email newsletter for those in the business of grocery, convenience, pharmacy and impulse shopping.

Content is delivered daily directly to the inbox of its professional audience, keeping them informed with the latest industry news and events, as well as providing them with detailed information such as retail news, supplier news, new product launches, consumer campaigns, HR movements and more.

Tracing its rich history back 60 years from its roots as Foodweek, Inside FMCG has recreated itself in 2015 to become the most current source of industry news and events in the industry.

About Octomedia (www.octomedia.com.au)

Octomedia is a market leading independent, multi-channel B2B publisher. Octomedia is regarded as one of the most trusted sources of specialist, industry and trending information on the Australian FMCG industry.

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