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Privacy commissioner begins probe into Foodstuffs facial recognition technology

Privacy commissioner begins probe into Foodstuffs facial recognition technology

New Zealand's privacy commissioner Michael Webster has begun looking into Foodstuffs North Island’s trial of facial recognition technology (FRT) to make sure it complies with the Privacy Act. Foodstuffs ann...
Brand-consumer interaction is changing – GS1 Australia has the answer
Frazy to launch robotic beverage machine for in-home use
Dan Murphy’s new tech can chill beverages in three minutes
Woolworths marks 100th NZ store to adopt electronic price labels

Technology Archives

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Why trade promotions have become increasingly critical for FMCG brands

The biggest challenge FMCG manufacturers are facing right now is how to influence how consumers spend on groceries as th...
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Technology is revolutionising B2B relationships in FMCG. Here’s how

“If you are not using commerce technology to be able to personalise and to be able to transact with your B2B customers, ...
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How a focus on experience is driving the evolution of AI in the FMCG sector

A push to create the most unique and personalised experience for shoppers across multiple channels is the driving factor...
Arnott’s amplifies operations with $65m automated hub in Western Sydney

Arnott’s opens $65 million automated hub in Western Sydney

The new centre is adjacent to the group's largest biscuit-making site and will serve as a pivotal thoroughfare for more ...

Food tech company Enough raises 40 million euros

Enough, which ferments fungi to produce protein for plant-based chicken, mince and dairy products, said the funding roun...

As cell-cultivated meat hits menus, investors see scaling as next hurdle

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) on June 21 approved both Upside Foods and Good Meat to sell their cultivated chi...
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Using AI can help FMCG companies supercharge consumer personalisation

FMCG suppliers and retailers stand to gain significant savings in costs and time if they embrace AI across backend syste...
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How digital self service is changing B2B retail forever

One of the biggest effects of the pandemic was that it forced more businesses to take digital self service seriously.

What retail brands can learn from Woolies’ virtual assistant Olive

Virtual assistants can help ease the burden on staff, but giving them too many human characteristics can be a recipe for...

The age of delivery robots is upon us: Uber & Cartken are leading the way

Uber is expanding its partnership with sidewalk delivery robot startup Cartken to Fairfax, Virginia in the United States...

Croatian restaurant offers one pot menu cooked by robotic chef

"One such restaurant with five robots can be run by a single person," he said. "Our final goal is to create a 'no waiter...

The digital disruption of the consumer products value chain

Read the full Veeva industries 2022 executive report to learn how to harness digital disruption.

Salary survey reveals the soaring cost of supply chain expertise

More than 60 per cent said they would reply to an unsolicited message from a recruiter, even when they are not looking f...

AI will soon permeate every part of the supply chain. Here’s why

AI is not a single technology; rather, it’s a broad term for any software that learns, adapts, and improves over time.
L’Oréal launches make-up applicator for people with limited mobility

L’Oreal launches make-up applicator for people with limited mobility

An estimated 50 million people worldwide have limited fine motor skills, making daily tasks like applying makeup a strug...