Discount Drug Stores to open drive-through pharmacy

Discount Drug Stores Drive ThruDiscount Drug Stores has announced yesterday the opening of its drive through pharmacy, Gold Creek Discount Drug Stores.

The pharmacy said in a statement it is set to open on Saturday, April 14. Gold Creek Discount Drug Stores’ drive-through service will help meet demands for convenience within the Nicholls community and drive forward a new shopping concept for time-poor customers.

The drive through pharmacy, which is also a first for the national pharmacy brand, offers a range of benefits for customers including a simple click and collect program, script collection, e-commerce orders, no queues and is perfect for those on repeat prescriptions or seeking over-the-counter medication.

Gold Creek Discount Drug Stores partner, Nader Ibrahim, has opened the drive-through to create a new form of accessible healthcare for the brand and ACT community to meet consumer needs.

“I’ve worked in the Gold Creek area for six years now and I’ve learnt that our customers, particularly mothers in the area, really value convenience and this inspired our ambition to introduce the first drive-through concept in ACT to our pharmacy,” he said.

“Nicholls is a hub for parents, and more often than not they are required to take their kids out of the car and into the pharmacy, which often has queues for their prescriptions and limited seating. The addition of a drive-through means parents can now pick up their scripts without having to bring their kids in the pharmacy, making it more convenient. We want to ensure our community, especially parents, the elderly and disabled customers, have direct and accessible medication, healthcare products and professional pharmacist advice with ease.”

Ibrahim previously owned Gold Creek Chemist before rebranding the pharmacy to Discount Drug Stores to deliver the community greater access to full pharmacy services as part of the brands growing network.

“While we remain locally owned and operated, rebranding to Discount Drug Stores has enabled us to improve community health, expand our offering with the brand’s leading professional services program and offer a larger range of products at a lower, more competitive price,” he continued.

Sigma Healthcare’s Discount Pharmacy Retail Group general manager, Douglas Kuskopf-Dallas, said its investment into new initiatives allows the brand to adapt to the changing needs of its customers.

“As we continue to expand our national footprint, we strive to be innovative and ahead of the trends,” Kuskopf-Dallas said. “The launch of Gold Creek Discount Drug Stores’ drive-through is a prime example of the brand’s ability to adapt and better serve our customers. Gold Creek is a revolutionary step forward for our brand and we hope to see the success of this concept widen our ability to support customer wellness all year round.”


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