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Plastic bag ban catapults consumer demand for reusable grocery bags

150514 Trolley Bags-50Only less than a month before major supermarkets will get rid of using plastic bags, consumer demand for reusable grocery bags has increased, according to Trolley Bags.

The bag manufacturer said in a statement it has experienced a 150 per cent jump in sales this financial year, an increase it directly attributes to the upcoming ban.

Trolley Bags managing director, Peter Byrne, said shoppers are embracing the change with many looking beyond the supermarket for alternative options.

“Ever since the major supermarkets announced they’d be phasing out single-use plastic bags, we’ve had an influx of enquiries from shoppers looking for alternatives. The feedback we’ve had from customers is that they’d prefer to invest in quality bags they’re less likely to forget than continually have to purchase bags at the checkout,” he said.

Australian supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles announced the removal of lightweight plastic bags last July. Trolley Bags said its sales skyrocketed with profits up 400 per cent from the previous month.

Trolley Bags has a system of four sturdy, reusable shopping bags that can be rolled together and hung on the back of the trolley while shopping. At the register, once customers have unpacked their groceries, the bags can then be spread across the trolley in one step. They stand up-right on their own, allowing two hands free while packing the bags. Byrne said reusability should be a key consideration for shoppers looking for alternative grocery bags.

“The removal of lightweight plastic bags is such a positive step towards reducing waste, but in order to make real change we need to reuse more. Continually buying thick plastic bags or green bags at the checkout will do the environment more harm than good,” said Byrne.

“Trolley Bags are designed to be used exclusively at the supermarket. This singular purpose means they’re less likely to be thrown in the cupboard and forgotten about, making it more likely they’ll be reused. They’re made from non-woven polypropylene, which makes them a stronger and more durable alternative to other reusable shopping bags. Plus, they’re machine washable which makes for easy cleaning.”

Each bag is a different colour and size, allowing groceries to be packed according to weight or type. Heavier groceries can be packed in the smaller bags at the front of the trolley, and lighter items in the larger bags at the back. It makes it easier to sort and put away items at home. The bags are attached to each other with Velcro and can be quickly separated to carry them out of the trolley.

Trolley Bags are available from $39.95 for a set of four bags and come in a variety of sizes and colours at

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