Coles’ Stikeez reach bids over $6,000

stikeezColes appears to have done it again, with another collectables campaign sending customers into a frenzy a week before it is due to end.

The supermarket giant held a swap day at 41 Coles locations across the country over the weekend to help shoppers finish their collections.

But with the campaign nearing its end, it’s the rare gold bananas that are causing chaos among some shoppers.

The campaign, which kicked off on February 13, was launched alongside the Coles Fresh Rainbow Challenge to encourage Aussie kids and their parents to eat better.

Customers can collect one of 24 types of fruits and vegetable Stikeez, named them after fresh produce growers, with every $30 spent online or in-store.

However just 100 golden Billy Bananas were released by the supermarket and when found these allow collectors to receive a $100 Coles supermarket voucher.

eBay has been flooded with the collectable items with the gold banana reaching bids in the thousands.

Coles Stikeez gold banana

The campaign is due to come to an end on Tuesday March 26, but if it is as successful as Coles previous Little Shop campaign, there is the possibility that it too could be extended.


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