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Gaining consumer trust post Covid-19 is essential, but how?

The last few months have definitely left a lasting scar on all corners of the globe.  Whilst some countries are still very much in the throws of Coronavirus, Australia is now finding its feet. Restrictions are easing and we are all emerging to begin piecing together what the new world will look like.

But the effects will be lasting.  What does your new consumer look like?  What do they feel now?  What do they want now?  What are their new priorities and what motivates them?  How do they shop?  What brands will they stick with and what brands will speak to them like never before, and why?

No doubt most companies are asking all of these questions and more.  There are internal challenges, ensuring site operation procedures work to keep continuity of business and safety of employees, but also external challenges, keeping the brand alive and relevant to consumers changing needs.

What we do know for sure is that consumers will resonate with trust like never before.  The pandemic has shaken people to their core, and now they want safety, protection and trust, and will look outside their normal suite of brands to find it.  In a recent study conducted by FMCG Gurus across 18 countries, over a third of ASPAC consumers said Food Safety is a concern during the pandemic period.

So how will your business rise to this challenge and create the opportunity to welcome new consumers?

The most important aspect to a safe and trusted product starts well before purchase.  Having a robust and effective safety and quality plan is key.  

For food businesses, this includes but is not limited to:

  • food safety and quality systems in place
  • understanding the allergen status right across the product lifecycle, from farm to fork
  • pathogen and foreign material management system in place
  • product labels and PIF documents compliant with regulations

 For other consumer goods businesses, this can include:

  • product labels and SDS documents compliant with regulations
  • product testing schedule maintained
  • product claim verification and validation tests

Mérieux NutriSciences has been working with Australian businesses for decades to ensure the safety and quality of their products.  Providing a unique suite of services, assistance is available at every step of the product lifecycle.  

Whether it be their JAS-ANZ accredited auditing services, dedicated label compliance team consulting on food and other consumer goods labels, or the vast offer of micro and chemistry laboratory services, tests such as pathogens, allergens, nutritional analysis, probiotic enumeration, water activity, shelf life and stability studies, Mérieux NutriSciences have all your safety and quality needs covered!  

Their Safety HUD program offers tailored monitoring of food fraud and safety alerts worldwide in real-time, and their partnership with Crystalchain offers a complete blockchain food traceability solution to further build trust with Australian consumers.

Visit their website for more information at or contact their friendly team directly at  They are ready to help as you enter this new phase of doing business in the post-Covid19 world.