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Mérieux NutriSciences releases post-Covid consumer report

As we travel through the second year of life in the midst of this pandemic, so much has happened, leaving nothing unaffected and throwing everything up in the air from how we knew life to once be.

Certainly some positives have emerged from these times though. Many of us have felt a greater appreciation for things that are important to us, and a re-evaluation of what we need to do to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and happy.

Mérieux NutriSciences Australia was keen to dive further into the major food trends shifting for Australian consumers since the pandemic began, which has resulted in their latest report titled ‘What Australians Want to Know About The Food They Buy’. The findings are extremely valuable to all food-related businesses!  

Habits around shopping for food, and attitudes and behaviours around home cooking and healthy eating have all been explored in this latest report. One of the most interesting findings was that one in four Australians are becoming more conscious of food safety and the presence of allergens. This was consistent with international consumer trends, and shows the increasing demand consumers are placing on food companies and brands to be more transparent in the information they provide on their products.

Shoppers are also increasingly mindful of food waste and sustainability, and are valuing support from food brands and retailers in helping then to understand factors such as product shelf life, to reduce the amount of food waste being generated.

Food labels are becoming more important, as shoppers look to brands that provide clear and simple information on pack. Fifty-six per cent of Australians actively look for products and brands that have environmentally friendly products and practices detailed on their label, whilst just under 50 per cent are trying to avoid additives, putting ingredient labelling under the spotlight like never before.

To read the full report, obtain your free copy by clicking on this link

Mérieux NutriSciences Australia and its extensive global network have over five decades of experience in food safety and quality testing. The company can assist with many laboratory testing needs such as pathogen detection, vitamin and mineral testing, allergen testing, other chemistry and microbiology testing, shelf-life studies, as well as auditing and compliance services. 

You can also contact the Mérieux NutriSciences team via, or by calling 1300 000 990. Visit the website for more information at