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The Conversation

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What’s behind Fonterra’s decision to sell its consumer brands?

Fonterra now hopes to use the sale of its consumer brands to invest in the business-to-business side of the company.

How big food companies can do more to create healthier food environments

Healthy eating is challenging and when delicious, unhealthy foods are promoted, it contributes to suboptimal eating patt...

Food for thought: Price gouging is not illegal

The government’s recent Independent Review of the Food and Grocery Code also recommended making it mandatory for the sup...

How can a repeat of Foodstuffs’ facial recognition failure be prevented?

When Foodstuffs North Island announced its intention to trial this technology in February, as part of a strategy to comb...

Why re-establishing Australia’s wine sales in China won’t be easy

The departure of Australian wine from the Chinese market created a gap that was quickly filled by other suppliers.

How healthy are plant-based foods? The Conversation tests 700

Our nutritional audit of more than 700 plant-based foods for sale in Australian supermarkets has just been published.

The future of main streets: Aussies share their essential retailers

A lot of dedication and effort goes into making main streets attractive. Local governments, planners, place makers, econ...

Here’s how to make supermarket supply chains more resilient

Our new research found that shortening supply chains will be vital to make regions more resilient to these shocks – as w...

What was behind Australia’s potato shortage?

Food industries which rely on potatoes are compensating for these expected losses by contracting a greater number of gro...

Should Australia add stronger health warning labels to alcohol? 

Research shows mandatory health labelling is an important way to increase awareness and should form part of a comprehens...

How Australia is in unique place to eliminate the bee-killing varroa mite

Australia is different from other Varroa infected regions of the world. Our incursion was smaller, it was identified ear...

Analysis: where employers are wrong about Labor’s industrial relations bill

Multi-employer bargaining won’t solve all of Australia’s workplace relations problems, but it’s unlikely to make many of...

Global Arabica coffee supplies are at serious risk – here’s why

Millions of farmers, mostly in the developing world, depend on productive Arabica for their livelihood.

‘Best by’ or ‘Use by’: why food labelling needs reviewing

About 70 per cent of the food Australians throw out is still edible. Why aren’t we following the UK’s example?

Meat and masculinity: why some men just can’t stomach plant-based food

Forcing people to abandon animal meat is a non-starter, given how strongly we react to perceived loss of freedoms.

How Australia’s biggest wine-growing region came to pioneer alcohol control

The Chaffeys wanted a reliable, industrious and, above all, sober workforce.

The case for forcing the tobacco industry to pay for cigarette butts

In Australia, an estimated 8.9 billion butts are littered each year. This could be cut by 4.45 billion under a proposed ...

How customer hostility is impacting grocery workers’ mental health

Our research shows that rates of mental health distress among grocery workers are very high.

Why Australia’s ‘great resignation’ is a myth: The Conversation

Possibly more important will be how employers manage workers who became accustomed to working from home during the pande...

Australian companies face more climate-focused resolutions than ever before

In 2020, for the first time in Australia, more than half the shareholders of a public company voted in support of a clim...