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Conditions built into Frydenberg’s okay for Chinese baby formula takeover

Strict, legally enforceable conditions, have been set by the treasurer, which have provided critics with a degree of reassurance.

Kombucha, kefir and kimchi: how fermented foods could be harmful

Could the tide be turning on probiotic foods?

The milk, the whole milk and nothing but the milk: the story behind our dairy woes

In four years, the number of dairy farmers in Australia dropped by 9 per cent.

Australia’s drought relief package hits the political spot but misses the bigger point

Farmers will be able to borrow up to A$2 million. In addition, loans of up to A$500,000 will also be available to small businesses in drought-affected towns.

How to deal with smartphone stress

Checking work emails after hours can lead to stress that could potentially interfere with natural cortisol rhythms.

Recycling plastic bottles is good, but reusing them is better

To really reduce plastic packaging, we need to find ways to alter the routines, rather than directly substituting individual products.

Sexualised and stereotyped: why Australian advertising is stuck in a sexist past

The Ad Standards code only considers ads in isolation. It doesn’t take into account their cumulative effect.

Can dairy foods increase the risk of prostate cancer?

A closer look at recent warnings claiming a diet high in dairy foods may increase men’s risk of prostate cancer

The ethics of the 4 day work week. It’s not just about the hours

Report describes fewer work hours as a win-win – improving productivity for employers while giving employees what they want.

Stop shaming, start empowering: advertisers must rethink their plastic waste message

Advertisers who tell a good story can persuade the public of all sorts of things but some messages can be disingenuous and misleading.

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