Aldi cleans up in the laundry room

aldiAldi’s private label brands are dominating customer satisfaction in the laundry room, according to research conducted by consumer research company,  Canstar Blue.

Three months after Aldi’s Almat earned the Most Satisfied Customers Award for laundry powder, the supermarket chain’s Anco brand has taken out the same accolade for the fabric softener category, beating brands from supermarket rivals, Coles, and Woolworths.

“Aldi has clearly found a winning formula of quality and value for money in the laundry department,” said Megan Doyle,  head of Canstar Blue.

“Aldi consistently scores highly for value, but Australian consumers also demand effectiveness from their laundry products and our results suggest they’re getting that, too,” Doyle said.

While brands, Cuddly, and Huggie, joined Anco in earning top marks for producing soft clothes, Aldi’s brand was the only one to achieve five-star ratings for its packaging, smell, value for money and overall satisfaction

The ratings, based on a survey of more than 1200 adults who purchased fabric softener over the last three months, are discrepant with Roy Morgan’s findings released last week, which found Cuddly, of the Colgate-Palmolive portfolio of products, to be the most popular brand of fabric softener among consumers.


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