Blackmores appoints new CEO

Richard HenfreyBlackmores has welcomed Richard Henfrey as the new CEO of the vitamin company.

Blackmores chairman Stephen Chapman, today has announced the appointment of Henfrey, which takes effect immediately.

The news follows the resignation of Christine Holgate, who is moving to Australia Post, according to the company statement of the vitamin company.

“I am delighted to have been appointed as the next leader of this outstanding business. I come to the role with great enthusiasm and confidence in the long term prospects for our business and the industry as a whole,” Henfrey said regarding his new post.

“Having joined Blackmores in a role tasked with the development of a growth strategy in 2009 we have seen an exciting Australian business expand into a Group with a diverse portfolio of brands and people across the Asia Pacific region. My focus in taking on this role is to continue to expand our operations, invest in product development, extend our research and education capabilities and to showcase Australian health innovation on a world stage.”

Henfrey has served as COO of Blackmores for the past three years and has held a number of senior leadership roles within the company since 2009. Apart from being a COO, Henfrey has also held executive team roles across Strategic Sourcing and People and Strategy. Richard was the board president of Complementary Medicines Australia, the industry association, until December 2015.

“[Henfrey] has been at the forefront of Blackmores’ strategy development for more than eight years and has driven key business projects that positioned us well for the transformation of our business over that time,” said Chapman, the Blackmores chairman.

“Richard successfully led Blackmores’ operational teams through a period of extraordinary growth as our Asia business expanded,” said Chapman. “He has engaged closely with industry
regulators both in Australia and across Asia, has deepened our influence over our supply chain and continued to raise the standards underpinning our quality program. The roles he has held have given him a unique insight into the complexities of our business and the opportunities before us.”

Blackmores will announce its full year financial results on 29 August 2017.


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