It’s not a pie! Four’N Twenty releases hand-held lasagna

LASAGNEtopperPerhaps influenced by the spate of industry disruption as of late, the iconic Aussie meat pie brand has taken a decidedly different approach to its latest launch, ditching its tried and tested business formula for the creativity of a “crispy breadcrumb parcel”.

The hand-held snack comes in three flavours: Lasagne, Mac ‘N Cheese and Chicken Cordon Bleu. At 145g per serve, the parcels will set customers back $2.50 at RRP and are only available in single serve packages.

Woolies will stock the new line first from 18 September, while independents, including (IGA, Ritchies and Drakes), will stock from 16 October. Coles is a no-show.

“Four’N Twenty is proud to launch this completely new product to Australia. We have bridged the gap between a snack and a meal with delicious food on the move. We know Aussies will embrace the Four’N Twenty Topper just as much as they love and cherish all of our creations.”

The company conducted a survey of 1,000 consumers to evaluate the new “toppers” concept, finding, unsurprisingly, that 60 per cent were keen for some innovation from the brand. This is the first time Four’N Twenty has released a non-pie product in its 70-year history.


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