Woolworths opens new concept store in Double Bay

Will Salkeld Photography // www.willsalkeld.com // @wilkeldSupermarket giant Woolworths has launched a new custom-made concept at Double Bay, Sydney, offering organic and healthy options for consumers with a focus on sustainability.

The Kitchen by Woolworths offers a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables, an expanded Macro Wholefoods range, an on-site florist, juice bar, organic coffee, healthy take-away food options and a wholesome cafe.

“We know that customers in the Double Bay area are looking for more convenient fresh food options,” Woolworths Format Development director, Rob McCartney said.

“We wanted to create a custom-made offering that was unique to this community, which is how The Kitchen by Woolworths was born. Our food journey at The Kitchen starts with organic produce, free range, locally sourced products, as well as freshly prepared meals to eat in or pick up and take home.”

Will Salkeld Photography // www.willsalkeld.com // @wilkeld

Sustainability is a key focus of the The Kitchen, with sustainable local sourcing of organic fruit and vegetables, including produce sourced from Green Camel Organic Produce, who use organic glasshouses and water-efficient systems to reduce the use of resources.

“We’ve also included some new sustainable initiatives. This includes smarter packaging and reducing waste by using any excess in-season produce at our juice bar. Our trolleys and baskets are also made from recycled materials to help further support a circular economy,” said McCartney.

The store even uses shopping trolleys made from recycled milk bottles and eco-baskets made from soft plastics. The store will act as a trial location for new innovative products and roll out the products in other Woolworths network if successful.

The new store also offers a sizeable plant-based range including 100 per cent plant-based burgers, sausages, tofu, pastas and sauces.

“We’re also hopeful the store will be a test bed for new innovative products, which may lead to the discovery of the next great food or beverage trend. We’re looking forward to hearing feedback from the local community on what we have to offer,” McCartney added.

Will Salkeld Photography // www.willsalkeld.com // @wilkeld

Australian caterer Peter Rowland and executive chef Matthew Haigh have worked with Woolworths to create a menu using fresh, seasonal produce with both dine-in and take-out options.

The Kitchen store has also provided a boost to local employment with 42 new team members. Following its opening yesterday, December 12, the store will be open seven days a week from 7am – 9pm.


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