ACT’s first drive-thru pharmacy proves accessibility pays off

The ACT’s first drive-thru pharmacy, Gold Creek Discount Drug Store, has proven a hit with the local community a year on from opening, highlighting the importance of accessible healthcare in rural areas.

The ‘door-to-door’ service has offered greater accessibility, convenience and flexibility to the community, with the elderly, pregnant women and those with mobility issues, in particular benefitting from the service.

The pharmacy’s drive-thru offers over-the-counter medication, script collection as well as a click-and-collect service through Discount Drug
Stores’ e-commerce site.

“Our drive-thru pharmacy has enabled local patients, both young and old, to become more independent on their journey to better health and has been of particular benefit to pregnant women, the elderly and those with chronic conditions,” Gold Creek Discount Drug Stores partner, Nader Ibrahim, said.

“We now see customers who we hadn’t seen in years due to their inability to be mobile. Rather than having to ask their friends, family or neighbours to assist, the drive-thru enables patients to feel more self-sufficient.”

The service has also proved popular with time-poor parents, with the store recording a 34 per cent increase in baby care purchases such as formulas and medication, via the drive-thru.

Ibrahim said the concept “makes life easier” for stay-at-home parents, who can avoid the hassle of taking their kids in and out of the car.

Gold Creek is the first and only Discount Drug Store with a drive-thru service at this time.


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