Darrell Lea releases its first ever chocolate block range

Australian confectionery company Darrell Lea has launched its first chocolate block range in its
92-year history.

The range builds on the success of some of its staple products, with six varieties including Rocklea Road, Liquorice, Peanut Brittle, Fruitier & Nuttier, Peppermint Partytime and Caramel Craving.

“We make some of Australia’s favourite confectionery products and we knew these would translate perfectly into a block format,” Tim York, CEO of Darrell Lea said.

“We also thought we could improve on a few great flavour combinations …
so we did. It’s time the confectionery aisle got a shake up and we’re excited to be doing it.”

York said that while Darrell Lea is predominantly a liquorice business, which has dabbled in chocolate, he plans to change that.

“Darrell Lea is now well and truly in core chocolate territory and
it’s a thrilling place to be.”

The range is made in Australia using 100% sustainably sourced cocoa.

Darrell Lea’s chocolate block range is available exclusively at Woolworths, at RRP $5.00 each.


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  1. Ross posted on August 1, 2019

    your block product says packed in Australia. Is it made in Australia?

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