Australia’s NAPCo launches carbon neutral beef in Singapore

One of the oldest cattle producers in Australia, North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCo), knows how important it is to care for the environment.

Cattle are known for being one of the biggest producers of methane around the world so the company has been working on a carbon neutral offering to be kinder to the planet.

James Carson, general manager for NAPCo spoke to Inside FMCG about Five Founders’ first carbon neutral beef which has been released in Singapore.

Inside FMCG: Tell us how it’s going with Five Founders Natural Australian Beef since you launched in Singapore.

JC: We are heartened that interest in Five Founders Natural Australian Beef has been extremely positive. For a brand that has just been introduced, it is performing very well in terms of online and in-store sales. Many customers are also curious about what ‘carbon neutral’ means when it comes to meat. In terms of feedback, they have shared that they very much enjoy the great texture and tenderness of Five Founders beef, as well as its juicy, clean tasting finish.

Inside FMCG: How is this more sustainable compared to regular meat?

James Carson: Five Founders beef delivers on both sustainability and the highest quality eating experience. Produced exclusively from free-roaming cattle born and raised on the vast, fertile grasslands of the northern Australian Outback, and grain finished, Five Founders beef has no added hormones, and a distinct and delicious natural flavour. No part of Five Founders beef goes to waste as well, with the entire carcass being used to its full potential. This means that in choosing Five Founders beef, consumers can be confident of reducing the environmental impact of their dietary choices, while enjoying a good steak. 

Inside FMCG: What is involved in Five Founders carbon neutral certification?

JC: Five Founders’ carbon neutral certification involved:

Calculating Carbon Emissions – Five Founders undertook an independent assessment and evaluation by Ernst & Young of its chain-of-production carbon footprint. These areas of assessment include everything from livestock farming, to operations, production and transportation.

Reducing Carbon Emissions as much as possible

Purchase of Australian Government-approved carbon credits to offset remaining emissions, leading to net zero emissions (or carbon neutrality).

Some of the ongoing sustainable beef farming and agricultural practices and initiatives adopted by Five Founders include:

Ensuring full traceability within Five Founders’ supply chain – this step allows the business to continually monitor and manage their carbon footprint; adopting the ‘forest friendly’ graziers philosophy, where all properties are grazed in a responsible and sustainable manner. For example, Five Founders does not clear trees on its properties, and instead allows pastures to be renewed naturally over time.

Securing up to 600,000 hectares of protected land for nature refuge programs and conservation of native flora and fauna and participating in industry-based carbon sequestration trials, such as the testing of legume-based pastures for cattle feed to lower methane emissions.

Inside FMCG: Any other countries do you plan to export the beef to?

JC: Five Founders has been in China for the past year, and distribution is growing. We are also looking at other Southeast Asian markets like Vietnam and Taiwan.

Inside FMCG: Why did you choose Alternative Selection as your distributor in Singapore?

JC: As a partner, Alternative Selection is very much aligned with our commitment at Five Founders to prioritise animal welfare and sustainable environmental practices, through sensitive management of both land and livestock. The company is not only Singapore’s first distributor and retailer of alternative gourmet, organic, allergen and preservative-free specialty foods, it is also committed to working with partners and farmers, who practice sustainable and ethical farming.

Inside FMCG: Any plans to launch in supermarkets or retailers in Australia?

JC: We are currently speaking with various retail customers in Australia, but remain exclusive to Alternative Selection in Singapore.

Inside FMCG: Any new product range to look out for in Australia?

JC: As we build our distribution and increase the consistency and quality of our product, we will look at introducing the marble score 2+ range of Five Founders Natural Australian Beef.


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