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Why Wesfarmers is cutting Coles loose

Retail giants’ latest move may create long-term revenue streams.

Jack-Ma Alibaba

How China is rebooting retail

E-commerce is often blamed for shops closing and decline in retail sector.

Codeine pills

Codeine regulation’s impact on Australian market

Research shows codeine sales have been in decline for the last three years.

fruit bowl

If sugar is so bad for us, why is the sugar in fruit OK?

About 50% of Australians eat two fruit per day.

Coles supermarket2

‘Down Down’ and ‘Cheap Cheap’ are gone gone: why supermarkets are moving away from price

Coles was a market leader with its ‘Down Down’ low pricing campaign.

jobs hire

Exclusive FMCG jobs market update – February

Female roles in workforce climbs to record high.

Chickens On Traditional Free Range Poultry Farm

Governments can’t be trusted to deliver welfare standards for chickens

Concerns on new draft poultry standards don’t show chickens’ welfare at heart.

beer cans

Does a sugar tax cause alcohol sales to spike?

The research doesn’t give a decisive answer.

supermarket food

Capitalism has coopted the language of food – costing the world millions of meals

“The language we use is confusing – it creates feelings of guilt and enhances social divisions.”


Exclusive FMCG jobs market update – January

Businesses’ intentions remain high to hire and retain talent.

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