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McDonald’s faces potential class action for allegedly withholding rest breaks

Fast Food giant McDonald’s could be facing a class action lawsuit due to allegedly withholding rest breaks to 250,000 staff that work four hours or more in a shift, according the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union.

Terracycle truck

McDonald’s US to launch cup-reusing system with Terracycle

McDonald’s is to launch a reusable cup option for hot beverages with TerraCycle’s circular packaging service Loop.

McDonald’s sues Hungry Jack’s over ‘copied’ Big Jack burger

Burger King’s Hungry Jack’s released the new burger in July.

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Take a look back at what happened with an FMCG giant as it launched a DTC foray with meal kits and an Australian supermarket helps a herbal kit grower stay afloat during the pandemic.

McDonald’s makes swimwear from plastic straws

McDonald’s Austria has introduced a swimwear range made from plastic straws – and McDoanld’s in India collaborated on a ‘saucy’ range of shoes with Adidas.

McDonald’s accused of sexual harassment on global scale

Fast food giant faces international sexual harassment lawsuit.

Ausveg applauds McDonald’s move to include country of origin label on food

It is not mandatory for fast food restaurants and cafes to display country of origin labelling as it is with other products in food retail.

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This week’s top headlines.

Nestlé launches plant-based sausages

FMCG giant expands range of plant-based products with pea protein-based sausage.

Coca-Cola introduces Frozen Coke No Sugar at McDonald’s

Soft drinks giant unveils first no sugar frozen Coke as part of efforts to cut sugar across portfolio.