Australia’s best-selling household cleaning products

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Pine O Cleen, White King and Duck are the cleaning brands putting the most sparkle into Aussie homes, according to recent Roy Morgan research.

In a nationwide survey of grocery buyers conducted between July 2015 and June 2016, 74.7% of customers (11.6 million people) bought at least one household cleaning product in an average six-month period.

Pine O Cleen was Aussies’ top choice for a household cleaning brand overall, purchased by 19.4 per cent of grocery buyers in a span of six months. The second most popular product is White King (17.1%) followed by toilet cleaner brand, Duck (16.3%).

Cleaning products may not be the most exciting items in the supermarket, but as the latest findings show, they’re a household staple, purchased by the vast majority of Australian grocery buyers in an average six months,” Norman Morris, industry communications director of Roy Morgan Research said.

“Despite Pine O Cleen’s overall market dominance, it is not the best seller among all consumer groups. While it’s top of the pops among the aforementioned neat freaks, it’s not the first choice of young single parents (who are markedly more likely to opt for Glen 20, Duck and White King) or their older counterparts (who tend to prefer White King).”

Not surprisingly, having kids increases a person’s likelihood of purchasing cleaning products: especially if they are a single parent, it seems. Roy Morgan data shows that 85.7% of single parents aged 35+ and 80.1% of single parents aged under 35 buy at least one such item in any given six months — compared with 76.0% and 78.2% respectively of their married peers.

Less than half (49.2%) of single grocery buyers aged under 35 purchase cleaning products in the same time period.

“Earth Choice is another interesting example: on one hand, it’s the top choice of young married couples without kids, but on the other, young parents (single and married) are well below average for purchasing the brand. This suggests that some doubt remains about the efficiency [or] disinfectant qualities of green cleaning products – a hurdle that must be overcome by these brands if they wish to expand their market,” said Morris.

Best selling household cleaner brands in Australia

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Sprays are the most popular type of household cleaning product among Aussie grocery buyers, purchased by more than half (51.3%) in an average six months. Liquid cleaners are also popular (44.9%), well ahead of cream cleaners (17.2%); wipes (14.6%); gel (8.8%) and powder (7.5%).

Cleaning wipes are especially popular among single and married parents aged under 35 years old, with purchase incidence skyrocketing to 23.8 per cent of grocery buyers in each group. Clearly, the ease and convenience of these products has been embraced by parents of young children. Meanwhile, childless singles aged under 35 come in well below average for every type of cleaner.



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