The Aussie sunscreen making its mark

Mat CollettSolar D has positioned itself as ‘Australia’s first vitamin D promoting sunscreen’ in the billion dollar skincare industry.

What sets the sunscreen apart from the regular sunblock? Created by Nexdius, Solar D does the job of filtering the sun’s harmful rays. It only permits sunlight that is needed to stimulate the natural production of vitamin D on the skin.

Currently, it is sold on Amazon and Walmart, gaining more consumers who are looking for good sun protection.

Inside FMCG spoke to CEO Mathew Collett regarding expansion plans. The company has announced the two year deal worth over $30M with KW International, a US supply chain and distribution company. It’s an exciting time for the company as the deal worth over AU$30 Million is set on expanding further in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.

Inside FMCG:  How has it been so far with Solar D’s global partnership with KW International? 

Mathew Collett: We received our first [purchase order] back in November for about 30,000 tubes and about to receive our second [purchase order] of 100,000 tubes this month, so the relationship is strong and building.

Inside FMCG: Tell us more about the plans to raise $2M with investors in Australia? 

We started the process three weeks ago and [we’re] nearly fully subscribed. The money is for running costs, marketing and some manufacturing.

Inside FMCG: Has it been difficult to infiltrate other countries such as US, Canada, EU, etc. in terms of expansion plans for the skincare company? 

As we have such a point of difference and a real competitive edge in a $10 billion industry, it hasn’t been a challenge as one would think. Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise and the associated complications have been researched and pushed out to the public. So, to have a sunscreen that screens out the harmful UVA light and permits some of the UVB light that allows our body to produce vitamin D without sacrificing sun protection is a huge asset.

Inside FMCG: What sets your skincare products apart from the rest? Any new products or collaborations your consumers can look forward to? 

We are the first and only sunscreen that screens out the harmful UVA light and permits some of the UVB light that allows our body to produce vitamin D without sacrificing sun protection. We have patents around the world and strong [intellectual property] so we are protected against anyone copying our technology. In 2018, we will be releasing a skin whitening cream (for the Asian market), a tint, moisturizer and lip balm — all with our technology.

Inside FMCG: How are the negotiations going with natural health companies in Australia and US beauty companies? Which particular companies are involved here? 

[We] can’t mention names yet, but we are at contract negotiations with a global US cosmetic group in regards to licensing our technology and also an Australian well known supplement company wanting to branch out into skincare using our Vitamin D promoting technology.


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