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Costco Wholesale Spain

Costco kicks Amazon off top spot in online customer satisfaction report

US consumers voted for their favourite store based on the quality of products and services.


Amazon plots new grocery offering

The online retail giant is planning to strengthen its supermarket brand by purchasing local grocery chains.

Amazon Tide Dash Button

Amazon scraps Dash buttons

Consumers are using different technologies such as home assistants to reorder products.

Indra Nooyi Getty

Former PepsiCo boss Indra Nooyi joins Amazon

The e-commerce giant is strengthening its Board with a more diverse team.

Amazon Dash

Amazon’s Dash Buttons might be pushing legal limits in Australia

The re-order buttons have already been banned in Germany.

Amazon logo3

Amazon teams up with Parcel Point to offer click-and-collect

Amazon customers will be able pick up deliveries and make returns after hours.

trader joes

Trader Joe’s comes out on top for US grocery shoppers

Costo and Amazon were among the top choices for American shoppers.


This week in FMCG

The top stories that made the headlines this week.


This week in FMCG

What news dominated the headlines this week?

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