Chung Jung One bean paste recalled from supermarkets

Chung Jung One1Chung Jung One has been pulled off supermarket shelves yesterday. The South Korean seasoned garlic and sesame bean paste product has been recalled from stores in NSW due to undeclared peanut.

“We know of at least one reported case of a person suffering an anaphylactic reaction to the product, so it is vital that anyone with a peanut allergy knows about this recall and the potential for other bean paste products from South Korea to be recalled. We will update information as soon as it comes to hand from enforcement authorities,” said Food Standards Australia New Zealand CEO Mark Booth.

He said food regulatory agencies in several states were also investigating and testing other similarly branded bean paste products from the same overseas manufacturer and more recalls may occur. Aussies who have recently purchased the Chung Jung One bean paste can return it to the place of purchase for a refund or product disposal.


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