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Special K’s new pop-up

Special K Australia announced that in response to many Australian women showing an inadequacy of vitamin D, it is the first breaSpecial K Kelloggkfast cereal range in Australia to be strengthened with this essential vitamin. One serve of Special K Original now provides 25% of women’s recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin D.

68% of Australian women state that when they eat healthier, nutrient-rich food, they feel they achieve more. Special K’s offering of vitamin D, iron, protein, B-vitamins, calcium, folate and fibre will assist women across Australia with their nutrient needs.

The cereal range containing vitamin D will be available from October 2017.

To help raise awareness of the importance of vitamin D and to support women on the path to wellness, Special K Australia is hosting a VIP me pop-up space in Paddington, Sydney on the 30th of September, providing women with free wellness checks, powered by leading digital health company Evolt 360.

The free pop-up clinic will highlight benefits and tips on vitamin D, iron and protein (VIP) and will offer three distinct spaces –

  • Wellness: visitors will be provided with a personal report on insightful health and wellness markers via the scientifically-validated Evolt 360 technology. The assessment includes vitamin D and iron inadequacy risk results, as well as bio-age, fitness score, protein content and muscle mass
  • Nutrition: a delicious and healthy breakfast spread to boost guest’s daily dose of vitamin D – visitors will be the first to try the new, fortified Special K range
  • Culture Hub: a relaxation space featuring an empowering book collection, educational materials and inspiring podcasts to take some time out and unwind

Despite Australia’s sunny climate and love of the outdoors, almost one in four Australian women are lacking in vitamin D.

Doctor Ginni Mansberg, one of Australia’s most trusted and recognised medical experts, offers her advice on the risk of vitamin D inadequacy, including those most at risk and how to avoid a shortfall in vitamin D through making simple lifestyle choices.

“There is so much we’re just coming to understand about vitamin D and the effects of deficiency on our health,” said Doctor Mansberg. “Australians today are working longer hours with shorter lunch breaks, experiencing longer commutes and becoming increasingly addicted to screens. Each of these are factors that contribute to vitamin D deficiency along with a wealth of other social, mental and health issues.”

“Making simple lifestyle changes – for example a lunchtime walk with your sleeves rolled up or eating food fortified with vitamin D – is something within reach to each and every person.”

Given vitamin D is so critical for functions in the heart, blood vessels, muscles, and glands, additional vitamin D in the diet will help women absorb calcium, and avoid vitamin D inadequacy which sees the body only able to absorb only a small portion of calcium from diet.

84% of Aussie women also say they want more foods that give them the nutrients they currently lack in their diets.

Special K’s fortified cereal offering ensures the morning breakfast bowl provides an added boost of vitamin D to kick-start each day.

With the range strengthened with vitamin D available across Australia, plus the holistic experience women will receive at the VIP me clinic, Special K wants to be certain guests step away equipped and motivated to look after their health.

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