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GM crops: to ban or not to ban? That’s not the question

Does the lack of evidence of harm mean we can conclude GM food is safe to eat? Or do we need positive evidence of safety?

Aussies doing more overtime

Over a quarter of workers looking for new roles due to poor work-life balance.

Grain-fed beef on the rise

Report finds Australia’s meat sector has opportunity to triple exports of grain-fed beef to China by 2030.

US and UK beat Australia on healthiest packaged food

Study uses Australia’s Health Star Rating system to determine the country with healthiest packaged foods and drinks.

The demand for luxury shellfish is polluting the ocean with plastic

The economic gain of farming sashimi for a select market is not worth the environmental cost.

Bending the rules in retail – exploring customer-oriented deviance

Employees who bend the rules a little to help customers tend to be more enthusiastic about their jobs, but beware of creeping self-interest.

Australia urgently needs real sustainable agriculture policy

Australia has a sustainable agriculture policy vacuum, after years of a fragmented, stop-start approach.

Plant based milk sales continue to soar

Demand for hemp milk forecast to grow substantially over the next five years.

Ooshies – a cautionary toy story about cashing in on childhood innocence

OPINION: “Woolworths has targeted children with a manipulative promotion that relies on the same psychological triggers that can promote gambling.”

Vegan food’s sustainability claims need to give the full picture

Sustainable farming is a major focus now but it’s difficult for consumers to work out the overall footprint of individual products.

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