Yowie expands at 7-Eleven, CVS across the US

Yowie US rescue seriesYowie Group Ltd has announced it expanded the distribution of the Aussie chocolates in the US that are paired with kid-friendly wild animal figurines in two national tier – drug and convenience chains.

Yowie said in a statement the chocolates will be available for purchase by the end of May at up to 8,500 of the 10,500 7-Eleven franchise stores and 6,000 CVS Health retail outlets in 49 states in the US. New smaller footprint, 8-unit counter display unit to be released in CVS stores nationwide.

“Overall, the quarter sales reflect expected US volatility, a competitive environment and ANZ year on year timing. Notwithstanding these, we continue to make progress on our strategic priority of expanding distribution, with additional commitments from CVS and 7-Eleven for Q4,” Mark Schuessler, Yowie CEO said.

The 7-Eleven and CVS stores join national retailers like Circle K, Walmart, Walgreens, Cost Plus World Market and grocery chains such as Albertsons, Food for Less, Lucky Supermarkets, Raley’s, Safeway and Vons in carrying the delicious chocolates that have an important message for kids – please save the natural world.

The Aussie chocolate company said each one-ounce Yowie chocolate, created in the shape of various characters and wrapped in foil, contain limited-edition collectible animal figurines, called Yowie playmates, and a leaflet that profiles the animal, its habitat, food sources and threats to the animal and its environment. With a focus on conservation, each animal is color coded to explain whether it is critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable, near threatened or not threatened.

The combination of tasty chocolate and fun animal figurines encourages kids to learn about the natural world and understand its need for protection. The current Yowie series includes 26 playmates, 17 wildlife animals, two Yowie vehicles, a Yowie Yurt and six Grumkin (Yowie villain) characters.

“Our net operating cash outflow was US$1.34 million, with cash receipts of US$3.74 million, offset by raw material and operating overhead of US$5.08 million in total. Cash levels are a strong US$21 million,” said Yowie in a statement.

“Our main focus continues to be to gain distribution across all channels in the US, Canada and Australia with more competitive promotional and merchandising activity to engage retailers and provide the consumer easier access to Yowie. Efforts are underway to improve product design and supply chain efficiencies to improve the bottom line. Corporate infrastructure/admin evaluation is in progress with over US$1 million of annual savings executed to date.”

Yowie said it successfully launched Series 2 – the Ranger Series in Australia before the Easter holiday period, which included a release at the supermarket giant Woolworths. Chocolate giant said it is showing a positive traction and it will expand distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand.


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