Herbert Adams celebrates 109 years with frozen pie relaunch

Herbert AdamsThe 109-year-old Australian pie maker Herbert Adams has officially turned the tradition on its head with prominent gourmands flocking to support regionally-made gourmet wine pies.

The pie company said in a statement in 2018 Herbert Adams is drawing from ingredients and experience to deploy a national TV, print and outdoor campaign that launches this June.

Herbert Adam’s frozen pie relaunch roll-out begins with a wine infusions range of three pies with the liquor sourced from the Swan Hill region.

“With winter here and the convenience of eating at home becoming stronger, we are seeing the premium quality pie category growing rapidly. Herbert Adams’ new irresistible pie flavours and packaging are a result of listening to our consumers about the simple at-home pleasures like a glass of red wine at dinner,” said Patties Foods GM of Marketing & Innovation, Anand Surujpal.

“For the new Herbert Adams wine infusions pies in particular, we took this insight and made it into an opportunity for innovation by combining the best boutique local wines with 8 hour slow-cooked Australian beef … simply delicious! We are thrilled to be giving consumers what they want – a moment to savour with a mouth-watering Herbert Adams gourmet pie in a modern way.”

Patties Foods said it commissioned creative agency Leo Burnett in collaboration with Dentsu X, to create a TV commercial and packaging campaign. The food company said the visual is becoming more than just an ad, but rather a call to reimagine the Australian meat pie.

The Herbert Adams rebrand includes a complete logo and packaging overhaul with an abundance of premium party and single-serve pie and pastry flavours – each exemplifying Herbert’s pie-oneering spirit. The pie range leading the relaunch is Herbert Adam’s wine infusions range with wine sourced from the Swan Hill region. The new packaging includes tempting side-dish recipes including a warm potato salad with dill, and an apple, rocket and walnut salad.

Herbert Adams’ launch week supporters had also acclaimed Channel 10 Everyday Gourmet’s Justine Schofield and Master Chef’s Ben Milbourne duel to make a pie side dish with typical ingredients Aussies would find at home that can be made into a delicious side dish while the pie is cooking.

“We see people more and more willing to travel the world to taste a region on a plate. Herbert Adams is a century-old testament to regionally sourced and made food – after all the meat pie is Australia’s national dish. I love that Herbert Adams uses ingredients that illustrate a region’s uniqueness while creating flavours that are inspired from around the world,” said Schofield.

In the exclusive shoot, Schofield and Milbourne proved that to quickly chop, dice and splice vegetables doesn’t equal hassle and neither do Herbert Adams pies.

  • Ben’s recipe: “Charred onion and zucchini salad with Portobello Mushroom and Merlot Pie”
  • Justine’s recipe; “Pickled Brussel sprouts slaw with a tangy creme fraiche dressing with Herbert Adam’s the Slow Cooked Beef and Shiraz Pie”

The pie company said the chefs’ exercise was a real-life example of the new Herbert Adams’ mission to redefine how Aussies consume pies at home – by encouraging consumers to “bake differently” with a challenge to craft inspiring yet simple side pairings that don’t take too long.

“We learned that Herbert Adams pies are made with delicate 8-hour slow cooked Australian beef that relies on the age-old tradition of sous vide – yet you can eat yours from freezer to plate in a much shorter amount of time. Justine and [me] were definitely up for the challenge to make a side that made sense for a Herbert Adams pie. We share side dish ideas that are delicious yet realistic for everyone’s kitchen” said Milbourne.

Patties Foods’ Herbert Adams golden flaky pastries and pies are enjoyed across Australia. The pies are still made locally, baked fresh and snapped frozen with flour, eggs and meat all from regional Australia.

Herbert Adam’s new wine infusions range of three pies relaunch roll-out is now available in Coles, Woolworths and Independent Supermarkets this May.



  1. Maureen posted on July 19, 2018

    I bought your your 8hr slow-cooked chunky soul vide beef & button mushroom pies and found the pastry not the best as some places hard. Also the meat has bits of grissle in it and not enough of the meat. I need to tell you as it wasn’t a good experience eating the pie. I will not be in a hurry to buy anymore of your pies again that’s for sure. too much hype on your advertisement.

  2. Mary posted on April 3, 2019

    Just a warning to anyone who used to enjoy the Chicken and Leek pies as a quick family meal-the quality of these pies since the new "relaunch" has dropped dramatically. The chicken is extremely dry and overcooked, the sauce was tasteless, and the pastry base especially was awful-it tasted more like an overcooked, dry loaf of bread. Give these a miss, otherwise you will be sorely disappointed.

  3. DecimaMarshall71002 posted on May 21, 2019

    I bought the Beef and Mushroom Pies. The pastry was dreadful. Very thick and hard. Almost impossible to cut through with a knife. I would recommend the Directors take home a Frozen Pie Pack and just give it a try. You will immediately change the pastry recipe. Horrible.

  4. John Boagey posted on July 4, 2019

    Just enjoyed the Butter Chicken pie. My question is has the Thai Green Chicken pie been stopped? it was our favourite frozen pie form our local woolies shop. Cheers John

  5. Surene posted on September 30, 2019

    We bought the Chunky Sous Vide Beef & Mushroom Pie. My husband's pie had 4 small pieces of beef and my pie was filled with gravy, bits of sliced mushrooms and two small pieces of beef! It was disappointing to learn the final product did not matched with the picture displayed on the box and the description on the box. Hope my feedback will be taken into consideration in order to improve your product and raise your customer satisfaction.

  6. Pernelle larsen posted on November 9, 2019

    Hi Herbert's could we please see a vegetarian pie introduced l can't find one real tasty vegetable pie out in the shops to buy and if l do they are dead ugly and would turn any body off trying them. I can't imagine it's too hard to make a beautiful tasting veg pie with an amazing sauce swirled through it. Love the idea of baked pumpkin potatoes sweet potatoes carrots mushroom onion zucchini peas leeks broccoli cornflower garlic and so on chopped into small pieces and baked and then tossed into its little creamy sauce pie bass and of to the shop for me to buy. Yes please and it could make a fuller meal for the plates that only have a single meat pie on it... partner it with your side of veg in a pie. Would love a really beautiful veg pie... take care n thank you.

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