Avozillas spark media frenzy

AvozillaGiant avocados, clocking in at almost five times the size of a regular avocado, are now on sale in Australia.

The aptly named ‘Avozilla’ variety weighs in at an average 1.2 kg each and has made headlines around the world following an interview aired on the ABC’s Rural report.

Queensland-based Groves Grown Tropical Fruit, Australia’s only supplier, packed their first box of Avozilla three weeks ago.

“Everybody is pretty amazed to see these giant avocados and they are quite the statement,” grower David Groves told the ABC. “When you see one it is unforgettable.”

Groves said the variety has a “very buttery” taste and, contrary to assumptions based on the size, isn’t genetically modified.

Source: Peaches Fresh Food

Source: Peaches Fresh Food

“They do have a nice, thick skin which helps us a lot in terms of stings and bites, but being so heavy they swing quite easily in the wind, and they are getting marked very easily by touching other brands.”

Groves confirmed via Instagram the biggest avocado grown so far reached a whopping 1.8 kg.


Source: Groves Grown Tropical Fruit

Source: Groves Grown Tropical Fruit



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