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The kids makeup range poised to conquer the Asian market

Natalia and No Nasties KidsNatalia Michael founded No Nasties Kids play makeup in 2016, spurred on by a desire to provide safe and natural product for her kids. She spoke to Inside FMCG about her motivations to start the business as well as her future plans for expansion.

“I actually can’t remember a day in my life where I haven’t scratched,” Natalia said. Since the age of about 18 months Natalia has suffered from eczema, allergies and asthma.

Doctors said that she would grow out of her allergies by the time she hit her teens but at the age of 30, Natalia was the sickest she had ever been.

She underwent an allergy test and was diagnosed with 43 mid to high grade allergies. The doctor described her as the most “highly functioning, highly allergic person” he had met in over 25 years!

Natalia became interested in all things organic. Her journey started with evaluating what she was eating and drinking and she started to eat an organic diet at home.

“I turned our household upside down, researching every product, organic food and finally natural products for my body and home. My interest and research grew and as it did I realised that we do not simply ingest chemicals and toxins through what we eat and drink but we also absorb it through our skin and blood stream.”

“It made me think, what the heck am I putting on my skin? And what are my little girls putting on their skin!”

Natalia Photo 2

Her eldest daughter was gifted play makeup for her 5th birthday so Natalia began investigating what the products actually contained.

“I checked the ingredients list, and found synthetic colours, synthetic fragrances and metals! I immediately threw it out.”

“I did not want my little girls using products packed with toxins and chemicals but I also didn’t want them to miss out on the fun I had as a child playing with my mum’s makeup”

Around this time Natalia was made redundant from her corporate gig (along with her entire division) so she threw herself into her new business venture.


“No Nasties Kids formulas were designed after hours and hours of trial and error in my kitchen which then looked like a fairy cave! There was shimmer and shine everywhere! I started with three blenders and a large Pyrex, hand mixing and pouring each and every product. Thank goodness we have grown since then!”

With distribution in four countries and over 300 stockists worldwide, there is no denying that there is an appetite in this niche market.

“We started in May of 2016 and soon after partnered with our New Zealand distributor which has become a part of the family. In our first year we had sold over 6 figures in products. Since then we have partnered with a Canadian and Singaporean Distributor and are accepting 3-4 new wholesale applications daily.”


“Fast forward two and a half years and I am now a Certified Health Coach and about to release a world first natural, plant-based kids hair care line.” Natalia’s new range is called SLiCK KiDS and is made using high grade native Australian and New Zealand extracts.

“I am completely overwhelmed each day by the response I receive from customers and stockists. Customers that have children with severe eczema and dermatitis have used our products with no adverse reaction which is amazing! As a child, I would flare up every time I used face paint and I remember being so sad at birthday parties and fairs. I am happy that my little customers with eczema and dermatitis can use No Nasties Kids safely.”

So, what’s next for the home-grown Aussie business? “We are so proud of what we have created. With the release of our new range, the sky is the limit!”

“We have Asia in our sights. There has been some interest from Asia and we hope to see No Nasties Kids and SLiCK KiDS widely represented there in the near future.”

The No Nasties Kids make up range is available to purchase online at

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