Face Halo prompts Aussies to ditch the makeup wipes

Like many good business ideas, Face Halo sprung from a dinner chat between friends, founder Lizzy Pike tells Inside FMCG.

A simple conversation sparked the idea of building a makeup removal skin care business.

So how did Pike, who was heavily involved in textiles for 15 years, build the business and form ties with popular retailers including Woolworths and Harrods in the UK? She takes Inside FMCG on her journey to building Face Halo.

Inside FMCG: How did you build Face Halo from the ground up?

Lizzie Pike: With over 15 years experience in textiles, I knew the first step in this journey was to source a high-quality manufacturer with integrity. Our vision was to produce a soft, plush and effective makeup removal product that worked quicker and better than traditional solutions.

Following eight months of sourcing and sampling, I found the one! With the technology developed, we began work designing a product that was chic and premium, white HaloTech fibres with a black satin trim – our Face Halo Original.

In May 2017, Face Halo officially launched online, rapidly gaining traction on social media. Within 12-months, Face Halo was in over 1,100 retail stores in Korea. Now, Face Halo is available in over 3,800 retail doors globally, including stores across the UK, Australia, USA. Just this month (June), Face Halo launched into luxury UK department stores Harrods, Selfridges and Liberty London.

Face Halo founder Lizzie Pike

How did your fibre technology background help you create a reusable makeup remover pad?

I had the knowledge and experience in the efficacy of these fibres, however the key was to develop this technology to develop a product in the beauty industry that was better than what was already available. Face Halo had to be made with the highest grade fibres, for a gentle and soft product that provided outstanding efficacy.

Tell us how the HaloTech fibre strands work compared to other makeup removers.

In a nutshell, HaloTech fibres quickly, easily and effectively remove makeup without the need for any chemicals. [The] fibres are around 100 times finer than a human hair. Using water only, the HaloTech fibres reach deep into pores to remove makeup and impurities, for a deep clean and gentle exfoliation. Unlike ordinary cloth that simply wipe over the surface, [it] holds onto makeup so that no residue goes back into the pores while removing makeup. To release the makeup from the Face Halo, simply wash with warm water and soap then hang to dry. Non-toxic and reusable, you can use your Face Halo for up to 200 wash cycles.

I love to demonstrate how Face Halo works by using an orange. Although it sounds bizarre, an orange has large pores which are an exaggerated version of those in our skin. After applying foundation to the orange, I wipe with a makeup wipe to show the makeup being removed from the surface while also pushing foundation deep into the pores. I then remove foundation with Face Halo, which removes every spec of foundation from the surface and from deep within the pores. 

Tell us how you conceptualised the sleek packaging?

We worked closely with a designer in the USA, who had experience in the beauty industry. We had a clear vision for the look and feel of the brand, and together we created the packaging. Since launch, the packaging has evolved with the brand.

As a sustainable and conscious beauty brand, we have been working tirelessly on developing eco-friendly packaging. As part of the World Oceans Day campaign [last] June 8, Face Halo launched into Selfridges with new sustainable packaging, made from 100 per cent FSC certified recycled fibres. Face Halo has always been committed to reducing waste; our original packaging was designed to double as a shipping mailer to reduce the amount of packaging required for online orders.

How did you get leading retailers such as Woolworths, Priceline, Amazon and Myer onboard?

From the beginning, we were led by the feedback from our customers. We quickly learnt that our customers wanted to be able to purchase Face Halo online and from their local retailer. For me, I truly want Face Halo to be accessible and affordable for everyone and for that reason we give our customers a choice of either the 3-pack which is available from most of our retail partners, and the single packs which are available at Woolworths, Boots in the UK and Olive Young in Korea. Our retail partners have been really supportive and we love working with them.

How does your company help the environment?

Face Halo is at the forefront of sustainable beauty. Each can be washed up to 200 times and replaces up to 500 makeup wipes. In the past 12-months alone, Face Halo has replaced over 370 million disposable makeup wipes globally, reducing the contribution of makeup wipes to pollution and waste in landfill.

We are extremely proud to introduce the new Face Halo Upcycling Program as part of our commitment to innovative solutions that are better for your skin and kinder to the environment. As of now, customers can return their used Face Halos to be upcycled, further reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill. Once returned, we plan to upcycle the pads in various ways, starting with the motor vehicle industry (seat cushioning) and commercial transit (hard-wearing seat coverings).

We are thrilled to be offering an Upcycling Program, sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Face Halo and this initiative is a really important step for us.

Any plans to expand to other beauty products?

Yes, big plans with lots to do! Face Halo BODY launched in April, which marked the brand’s expansion into the bath and body category. The dual sided body mitt works to exfoliate and polish the skin, taking the power of HaloTech fibres to the whole body.


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