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As we reach the end of another working week, it’s time to look back on the top stories that dominated the headlines in the FMCG sector. Read on to find out what happened this week.

Coles launched a grocery subscription service

Supermarket giant Coles expanded its online grocery offering with a new subscription service that allows customers to shop for unlimited orders for a flat monthly fee. Aussies must purchase over A$100 worth of goods per transaction to qualify for Coles Delivery Plus. Coles Online general manager Karen Donaldson said that the new service is for Australians who have no time to go to stores and want to save on delivery costs.

Woolworths urged shareholders to back Endeavour Group plans

Australian supermarket Woolworths has encouraged its shareholders to vote in favour of plans to spin-off its liquor and hospitality businesses as Endeavour Group. The company revealed its three-part plan to create and separate Endeavour Group from the business. The first stage, dubbed the “Restructure”, will involve an internal reorganisation and its stake at ALH will be transferred into a distinct legal entity within the Group. Afterwards, the ALH merger will be finalised and Endeavour Group will be 85.4 per cent owned by Woolworths, with the remaining 14.6 per cent owned by Bruce Mathieson Group.

Coca-Cola Australia unveiled a new e-commerce site

Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola Australia opened a new online site as part of the latest Share A Coke campaign. The site allows consumers to personalise their own limited-edition glass Coke bottle. Customers can type any name within 14 characters and order for delivery at a cost of A$5 or avail of free delivery on four or more bottles. The Share a Coke campaign features popular first names from a variety of different cultures on the soft drinks bottles and cans. It will have also over 1000 surnames on its 1.25L bottles.

Alibaba sealed fresh deal with Bubs

Infant formula maker Bubs Australia has expanded into adult goats milk product with the support of e-commerce giant, Alibaba. The new deal will see A$10 million worth of Deloraine and Caprilac shipped overseas in the first year.

Matthew McConaughey launched Wild Turkey’s Australian wildlife

Matthew McConaughey, US actor and creative director of whisky brand Wild Turkey, flies to Australia this month to launch Wild Turkey’s With Thanks, a local extension of a three-year global program to protect various species and forestry. McConaughey said that he is returning to celebrate the locals’ who are working “tirelessly to preserve and protect the beautiful wilderness and wildlife that is their own.”

That’s it for this week. We’ll be back on Monday morning!


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