Poll: Are you in favour of cashless stores?

Amazon may be the leader when it comes to cashless retail, with nearly 20 AmazonGo stores scattered around the US, but with the opening of Woolworths’ cashless MetroGo store in Sydney last week, the concept is only expected to gain momentum closer to home.

While the cashless shopping experience is seen by many as the future of retail, some have taken issue with the inaccessibility of the service.

In May this year, the retail giant decided that it would introduce cash as a payment options at AmazonGo stores in order to avoid excluding members of the community that may not have access to a mobile or credit cards.

Amazon’s senior vice president of physical stores Steve Kessel told Amazon employees the company planned for “additional payment mechanisms” to be implemented in order to address “discrimination and elitism” at its cashierless stores.

Today we’re asking if you think cashless stores are a viable option for consumers. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Terry D posted on November 13, 2019

    Never, cash is still the legal tender in Australia, we also need to keep the jobs we can keep and only a person can assist with many problems e.g. directions, explaining, clarification, assisting etc. 'Cash is King'

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