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Millennials drive growth in organic wine

New Zealand’s wine industry experts are crediting the rapid growth in organic, sustainable and vegan suitable wines to the increasingly health-conscious consumer.

Data from liquor retail chain The Trusts West Auckland found a huge upsurge in sales of naturally produced or organic wines over the last 12 months, with what is generally a flat market, reaching 45 per cent sales growth. Last year’s growth was just 3 per cent in comparison.

Experts believe more needs to be done to foster this market as demand for traditional NZ wine plateaus.

The Trusts hospitality development manager Jenny Mukerji said estimates suggest consumption of organic wines globally will reach 1 billion bottles per annum by 2022.

“In addition to the organic wines which have been certified as made from grapes grown without chemical additives, we also have ‘natural wines’ which are fermented without commercial yeast and or chemicals. There are also new biodynamic wines which are grown under a set of holistic biodynamic principles and practices that regard the whole vineyard as one big living organism,” Mukerji said.

Vegan wines are free from contact with any animal products during production, such as gelatin or egg white sometimes used in the fining process.

Mukerji said there needs to be better terminology and certifications used in describing these emerging niches to ensure consumers have a credible and consistent point of reference for product choices.

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