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Remote staffing in the new post pandemic corporate world

Young man working at home. Home office, remotely working concept

Traditional employment is a thing of the past. The current pandemic has changed the way businesses hire, pay and manage employees.

According to Global Workplace Analytics; “I’m going to the office” is something that as many as 30% of the Australian workforce may never say again. Sure there are manufacturing, food service and medical jobs that necessitate employees be physically present and on-location but going forward, there’s very little reason for someone to go to a physical office location for work. Considering how much it costs to rent office space and meet the high salary expectations of most employees, there’s even less reasons for employers to pay for on-site staff. This is why we will see a rise in remote staffing agencies.

Add in the fact that the world economy is going to take a huge hit, over the next 12 months. Things are forever going to be different. Change is coming to all business sectors, whether they want it or not.

The companies that survive and thrive during this transitory period will have to cut costs, while also getting super creative with their budgets. This presents an opportunity for companies that understand, embrace and capitalize on this reality. They’ll save money on physical overhead, exorbitant salaries and they’ll be able to hire highly qualified employees from anywhere in the world.

Out of chaos comes order and opportunity is born and grows during uncertain times.

Opportunity for companies that pivot and use what’s happening now, to re-invent themselves and change the way traditional employment has previously worked for them.

Over the past 6 weeks remote staffing companies like have seen an influx of companies around the world doing just this.

For example, the amount of money a company spends to pay 1 full-time employee, who works in their office. Can be used to hire (2-3) full-time remote employees.

Here at we’ve had companies use the money they spent, paying the full salary of one accountant…to hire 1 accountant and (1-3) full-time remote IT employees.

What about productivity?

This is where really excels. We go above and beyond the normal recruitment and staffing agency. When a company uses our service to hire a remote employee, we monitor, track and report their productivity using the most up-to-date and cutting edge software and cloud based tools.

We also offer continuing education and training, so your remote employees stay up to date on any and all of the advancements in their career field. does this to ensure everyone of your virtual employees adds value to your business, while also saving you a (ton/boatload) of (cash/money).

Transitioning from a traditional business model of having employees on-site to hiring remote workers, can be difficult for a company that’s never done it before.

That’s why it’s important to hire a recruitment firm like ours that’s willing to go the extra mile, to make sure your remote-staff hiring process is simple and seamless.

Further Consulting Services needed?

In some cases we have offered to send one of our experienced consultants to come out for an on-site visit and help find ways we can streamline the process of hiring and managing remote staff. We’ve spent up to two weeks working closely with our customers to identify problem areas, increase collaboration and implement the tools necessary.

The employment business model that’s been around for decades, is a thing of the past and is here to help you leverage your resources and seize the opportunity that awaits us all in the years to come!

Zack Williamson is CEO at Contact

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