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Mushroom growers launch consumer campaign with chef Adrian Richardson

Mushroom growers launch consumer campaign with chef Adrian Richardson

The Australian Mushroom Growers Association (AMGA) has teamed up with celebrity chef Adrian Richardson to launch “The Blend”, a new campaign encouraging more Aussies to incorporate more mushrooms in their meals.

“Health fads and diets can be confusing or hard to follow, but The Blend is focused on a simple swap of ingredients, which makes it so simple to adopt”, explains Richardson.

To prepare The Blend, one simply has to dice mushrooms finely into small pieces and then swap out a portion of the mince with mushrooms. According to Richardson, consumers can substitute up to 70 per cent in some recipes without losing flavour.

 “It’s no secret I am a huge meat advocate and lover, but the truth is, I’ve been blending mushrooms with mince for years, not just because it’s healthier because it makes burgers and meatballs taste meatier and juicier,” he added.

According to the mushroom organisation, one out of three Australians is now consciously limiting their meat intake, with 55 per cent of households purchasing fresh mushrooms at least once a week and 90 per cent of consumers over 25 are enjoying it.

Jane Freeman, an experienced dietitian and nutritionist, said exploring new ways to eat mushrooms will reap huge health benefits. For example, mushrooms have 88 per cent fewer calories than the same portion of lean red minced meat.

“As Australians, cooking meat-based dishes is ingrained in our culture; however, by substituting a portion of mince for mushrooms, the nutritional value of meals is instantly boosted, along with a reduction of fat and sodium,” said Freeman.

“Substituting some mince for mushrooms significantly lowers the overall food kilojoules or calories that you are dishing up. They boast unique fibres that make you feel fuller for longer, are full of Vitamin D and are much friendlier on your wallet at the checkout.”

In addition to health benefits, Freeman added that the fungi have an umami flavour that helps meals taste more savoury, and it has a similar meaty flavour as traditional meat.

“It’s a no-brainer to incorporate The Blend into your diet”, she concluded.

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