Ausbuy Buying Guide released

ausbuy-logoNot for profit association, Ausbuy, has released its new Buying Guide to help consumers make informed decisions about buying local.

The booklet, available in leading supermarkets, provides a comprehensive and easy to understand guide to purchasing the products and services of companies which are majority Australian Owned.

Andrew Butler, CEO, Ausbuy, said the Buying Guide is an important point of reference for all Australian consumers looking to support the local economy.

“We update the Ausbuy Buying Guide twice a year to ensure Australians can easily choose to spend their money with locally owned businesses”.

“All Australians can find a way to support local businesses using the Buying Guide, whether they are the household grocery shopper, a homeowner wanting to install a water tank, or an office manager placing an order for Australian owned stationery,” said Butler.

The new look guide follows the launch of updated company logos, and a website redesign intended tp facilitate greater awareness about business owernsip, while also providing information about trade agreements and legislation changes that could potentially affect consumers.

The guide is available  from Coles, Woolworths, selected IGA supermarkets and selected newsagents nationwide, retailing for $2.95.




  1. tracey Gower posted on September 5, 2018

    the last one i bought was 2016, are there any later issues?

  2. Chris Penney posted on November 27, 2019

    In my area, it has proven very difficult to find anyone who sells the booklet. Coles didn't even know what I was talking about, while Woolies said, rather non-chalantly, "No, haven't seen that around for a couple of years." I then rang a local IGA who's manager said he didn't think they sold it. Not sounding very switched on for a manager! Is there the possibility of ordering through this site? To me, that would probably be easier and maybe get more people interested.

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