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Red Hippo launches natural wholefood protein blends

The Red Hippo_Athlete BlendThe Red Hippo has officially released an all natural wholefood protein blends product.

Their products contain no inactive ingredients, toxins, fillers or proprietary blends.

Priding itself on ingredient traceability, ethical sourcing and brand authenticity, Red Hippo has created a range of supplements that are clean, safe and specially formulated to serve a unique purpose. Each ingredient has been paired together to ensure they work synergistically to maximise health, wellness and performance.

Mitch Barraclough, Ryan Barraclough and Nick Dawe founded Red Hippo in 2016, after noticing a gap in the market for trustworthy supplements that were made from natural wholefoods and could purely nourish their bodies.

“As health coaches and practitioners, the three of us struggled to find an all natural protein blend that we felt comfortable using and could confidently recommend to others,” said co-founder Barraclough.

“Starting The Red Hippo happened quite organically, as we shared a long-term passion for understanding the effects of different natural ingredients and how they worked together. Through sophisticated scientific research and day-to-day trial and error, we discovered the need for an alternative that could offer consumers a real nutritional foundation,” added Dawe.

Using a combination of natural wholefoods, The Red Hippo’s blends are formulated with specific ingredient dosages to enable desired health results (enough turmeric to provide anti-
inflammatory benefits). The ingredients are chemical and refined sugar free, non-gmo and sourced according to their quality rather than their origin.

“Consumers deserve to know what they are putting into their bodies and we’re proud to say that all of the ingredients in The Red Hippo are 100 per cent traceable, ethical and backed by research. We source the best ingredients from around the world to ensure our products serve a particular purpose, whether it’s to improve recovery, weight loss or build lean muscle,” said Barraclough.

Perfect for the health conscious consumer, the weekend warrior and athletes of all levels, Red Hippo blends are versatile and can be used in smoothies, baking, cooking and more. The products include the AMPK Blend to help lose body fat, the mTOR Blend to help gain lean muscle mass, and the Athlete Blend for post-workout recovery.

All Red Hippo products are available for purchase online at, from $49 for 500g.

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