Coles expands Graze grass-fed beef range

Coles Graze BeefColes has met their customers’ demand for high quality, grass-fed beef with the recent expansion of the Graze grass-fed beef range at all supermarkets.

Graze product range has expanded from selected stores in New South Wales and Victoria to all states and territories in Australia.

Coles Livestock manager, Steve Rennie, said the popularity of the range has resulted in the supermarket giant sourcing beef from more than 300 Australian farming families so customers across Australia could try it.

“Graze is a grass-fed beef range designed by Coles and Australian farmers to meet customer demand for more meat that comes from animals that are fed and raised naturally,” Rennie told Inside FMCG.

“Offering a grass-fed beef range nationally is all about providing our customers with choice. Some people prefer grass-fed and others prefer grain-fed and we’re excited we can now offer both to our customers.

“From the New South Wales Tablelands, Victoria’s North East and Gippsland areas to South Australia’s Limestone Coast and the Great Southern Region of Western Australia, our farmers work with nature to produce great tasting, quality grass-fed beef.”

The Graze program requires farmers to be independently assessed by industry auditor AUS-MEAT to ensure they are meeting the rigorous standards in animal husbandry and pasture management. Second generation Wangaratta cattle producer, Nigel Stephens, praised Coles for supporting grass-fed farming practices and giving customers great quality meat they can trust.

“I’ve been working with Coles for more than 15 years and this provides a fantastic opportunity for my farm to diversify and increase our supply. It means we will provide more cattle and get a good price all year round,” said Stephens.

“The secret to grass-fed beef is that there is no secret. Our pasture-fed cattle are raised naturally and raised with care. The customer should be happy knowing that it has only been fed grass and that’s all – and they can be confident about where it comes from.”

Graze product range includes 10 beef products such as porterhouse, scotch fillet, mince, burgers, sausages, stir fry and meatballs.


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  1. Pauline posted on January 7, 2019

    It's great to have grass-fed products but the question is: Is it grass fed AND grass finished NOT grass-fed and grain finished. There is a difference. reply

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